Basic eBay Tools

Basic eBay Tools Ebay has tools that can help you no matter how many or how few items you are selling or how often or infrequently you are selling. Learning to use these tools will help you list more items in a shorter time by automating your selling processes. Seller Tools can help you maximize sales and increase your profits while selling on eBay. http://weneversellyourtraffic.

com/ Seller tools will take the work out of listing items for sale, increase your selling efficiency and enhance your selling success. There are two basic ways to list items for sale on eBay. To manually enter items for sale, you will use the SYI (Sell Your Item) form. It is easy and simple to use.

You can list items and create customized listings. You just enter the information about your item on one page and save the draft if you dont finish it creating the listing so you dont have to start over every time. Find that save feature, you will use it often. The customizing feature lets you remove steps you dont need to use.

There is a big selection of fonts and colors and you can use to create re-usable templates. Ebay provides a free tool that you can download called Turbo Lister. This cool tool lets you create and upload thousands of professional looking listings. You can enter all of the item information offline, then upload, change formats on individual items or add item details to multiple items all at one time and duplicate existing listings to create new ones in your inventory. You can make changes to items directly in a grid view and preview listings before you submit them.

Turbo Lister also lets you remove fields that you dont need from the form. There are a great many colors and fonts to choose from. Thank you, http://weneversellyourtraffic.


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