Creative Uses For Streaming Audio On Your Website

The time is now to consider adding audio to your website or blog. Each person will have their own reasons for wanting a website that talks or sings. Use your imagination and you will find many uses for streaming audio. There has never been a better time to get started adding streaming audio to your web site, audio can take your website to new heights. Here are some different ways to use audio to get your thought process flowing.

Personal: Adding streaming audio to your personal site makes a lot of sense and can be a whole lot of fun. Image your loved one opening your blog to find audio buttons there. Upon clicking the buttons she hears happy birthday in your voice coming over her computer speakers. Audio can be a lot of fun when used in a creative manner.

Newsletter: Sending out your newsletter with links back to your web page with streaming audio on it should increase your conversion rates. This type of multimedia is pretty new and should make your subscribers orders come alive. With any luck this technique will help you hold on to all of your subscribers.

CD Sales: Musicians and bands now have a worldwide audience to sell their music to. No longer does a local band need to stay that way. You can sell your Cds anywhere. Book Your Band: Adding audio buttons to your band web site is an excellent way to get more gigs. You can save a lot of money by no longer having to send out promo kits. Send the promoter that is considering hiring your band to the band website to listen to your music rather than mailing out a CD.

Products: Audio can make your products worth a lot more money. The products you create can be expanded with streaming audio. Simply getting a small recording set up and reading the book and recording it can easily add profits to the books you have written. The audio version of your product can be offered as a bonus or you can up sell your customer for added profits.

Audio on your website will help make you a leader, people that visit your website or blog will feel like they know you after hearing your voice. They will become familiar with the way you pronounce your words and your unique personality. This can be a big step in gaining people's trust.

Streaming audio is a great way to make your web site different and unique. Setting yourself apart is usually a good thing to achieve.

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