Is MLM a Dying Business

If you have tried and gotten rejected, your probably the first to answer, "I hope so!" After all, how much rejection can one soul take? Especially when it comes from your family and close friends. You sister says she can find the item WAY cheaper at the store. And there is just no way you mom can afford more pet odor eliminator when she doesn't have a pet anymore. And the neighbor over the fence just can't understand how he can be debt free and vacationing on a beach in 90 days if he would just join you in your work. Almost everyone who has tried network marketing, also known as MLM, knows these situations well.

You have bought into the product and now all you have to do is get everyone you know signed up, too, at the same time getting them to understand that your $50 bottle of vitamins will out perform the bottle they buy at the supermarket for 1/10 the cost. Then it is just a few easy steps to the Master of the Universe level where they will make millions! The other type of person out there is the one who has not bought into the product, but has run into someone who has. Buy the product, join the plan, be a millionaire.

And they all seem to be pushy and don't know the answers to questions. And that has turned you off. That is the problem.

The basic idea of this type of marketing is that everyone in your daily life will be a customer. If they don't want, need or can't afford the product, no problem! And everyone who buys the product is going to be a distributor of yours. If they don't have a motivated bone in their body, no problem! With such a small nymber of people that you know and would feel comfortable trying to sell things, there was a lot of rejection.

Not only did you have to sell the product, but also the program. The person who got you into it made it sound so easy - that's because they were selling it! And once you have hit up your mom, sister, neighbour, a couple of co-workers and your great aunt, that didn't leave many other people. The worst part was that you were trying to sell something they didn't really want, need or could get a lot cheaper elsewhere.

After your small circle of friends has rejected you, you would hang up your hat until the next big thing came along. Why are things different now? The Internet! It has opened doors no one thought possible. There are two reasons for this. First, when you have a small circle, as the average person does, that is the extent of your contacts. Very rarely will you have a chance to talk to your mom's best friend's sister's niece, especially about a business opportunity.

But now, with the Internet, you can reach countless people. But only spend time with the ones who are interested. If someone opens an email or clicks on a page and reads your pitch but aren't interested in pursuing it, no time is lost. If the reader is interested in what you have to offer, chances are they will be motivated as well. It could be time well spent to exchange emails.

Which is another point, they are sitting in front of their computer just like you are. They are in their comfort zone because they don't want to be rejected either. AND it sells itself.

You don't have to sound like a snake-oil salesman if the idea you have is sound. The second impact the Internet has had on network marketing is the products themselves. It is now possible to offer items for which there is a real need, web hosting, for example. This is a need that is growing and useful. No more are the pay plans based on selling a physical product, but a virtual one.

You don't have inventory to keep or buy. The needs that are being filled are ongoing and now these 'schemes' are built with numerous satisfied customers to back up claims. Another benefit is that credit cards can be used online which means they are automated reoccurring payments. This means that people are more likely to maintain a long term relationship. Is network marketing dead and buried? Not even close.

It just has a new way of presenting itself. It has gotten a makeover and is ready for a new generation.

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