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I, like many other Internet Marketers, have meticulously built my own websites with Google Adsense in mind, from the moment I was first accepted into the website monetization program. Believing, wow, what a wonderfully easy way to actually turn that online income corner, and eventually a great means of making a decent living, or at least a residual income from it, just like the so called "Guru's" were already doing, or at least claimed they were doing, in all of those e-books, which are now gathering dust on the virtual bookshelves of my hard drive Oh how fickle I was, as I watched my Adsense revenue income soar to those dizzying heights of $1.35c a month, does this remotely sound familiar? Should I too now display my Adsense paycheck so proudly on my website, just like the "Guru's" do. My dreams are being well and truly shattered daily, slowly eroding into cyberspace. What was I doing wrong? Why wasn't I making those incredible amounts of income that everyone, everywhere seemed to be boasting about. Had these so called marketing experts got it totally wrong? Were they simply telling us all a few porkies, just to sell their Adsense orientated e-books, reports and website templates? Why on earth was all of these Adsense websites still springing up all over the Internet with such profusion, like the poppies on the battle fields at Flanders, when the sign's were there for all these experts to see so clearly, by their own diminishing incomes.

No-one is ever willing to step up to the podium and admit to the rest of us, especially the fat cat over rich "guru's" who were still selling everything to do with Adsense at astronomical prices, why aren't we being told that Google Adsense revenue was actually dying a death, and has been for some time. Why aren't we being informed that the revenues were indeed plummeting out of control, spiralling downwards at an incredible rate. Now you are not going to believe this! I've just finished reading a very special public domain report, that exposes the real reason that Google AdSense income sucks lately, even though, every would be "Guru" on the Internet is indeed still pushing AdSense products like never before! What's really cool is that this guy from Texas who I cannot mention here, also explains how he went from a few hundred dollars in AdSense income to over $50,000 a month after he gave up on AdSense altogether! The doors may indeed soon be closed to get your free copy of this report as the "Guru's" are already up in arms over this explosive exposť that's going to rock the very bedrock and foundations of many an online marketer, and website owner, as the truth is unfolded, and laid bare before you. Just like it's often said in "The X Files" "The Truth Is Out There" if only one took the time to seek it out. I only wish that I had known about all of this last year.

I wouldn't have wasted so much time, money, and effort, trying to win at a game that shouldn't even have been played in the first place! I may never have wasted my precious time building the hundreds, if not thousands of web pages with the Google Adsense code embedded within them, if only someone had told me earlier it would have all been for nought, or at best for the few meagre cents they are making in income today, then my time could have been spent pursuing some other, more lucrative website monetizing ideas. But no, I blindly followed the rest of the herd, and listened to the bleating's of the more experienced, older and supposedly wiser, sheep out there. My eyes have now been opened, and I look forward to a better future ahead. Did you find this article useful? For more useful tips & hints, Points to ponder and keep in mind, techniques & insights pertaining to Google Ad sense, Do please browse for more information at our website :-.

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