Network Marketing Has A Spiritual Side To It

If you understand Network Marketing (meaning, the genuine distribution business model based on relationship referral, not like all the money schemes out there), you will see it's spiritual side. The Christian faith and Network Marketing, are very similar. Here's what I mean: 1. If you want long term success in Network Marketing, there is no way to get around building relationships with your prospects and downline. Those who are in recruiting mode think only about their own interests, and are not very concerned with their prospects' needs. They are interested mainly in the money to be gained by recruiting the person, instead of being a true sponsor to him or her.

If a person feels they can trust you, and that you can truly help them reach their goals, they will stick with you. 2. Network Marketing is all about producing more of yourself, your time and your money. In order to build a long term income, we must teach those in our organizations how to successfully build their businesses, so that they are growing and your business grows too. We cannot control whether or not they work, but we can teach them how to build their businesses and inspire them as well.

Christianity too, is all about gaining the maximum effectiveness out of our time and resources. Jesus was the Master and he leveraged his time by teaching his disciples to go out and create more disciples. Isn't that what we're doing in Network Marketing too? Finding a few good 'workers', teaching them the business of recruiting and building other leaders and continuing to multiply this in our businesses. By teaching and training your downline, you're not doing all the work and your business grows exponentially. What we're doing is creating an environment that gives others the opportunity to become teachers also, and as a result, not only is more of our time freed up, but more and more people in our downlines assume more responsibilities.

Teaching your downline means knowing what it is that they need so that you can help them. Are there areas in their businesses where they are having problems? Show them how to succeed in those areas. Jesus does that with his followers.

He makes sure that all their spiritual needs are met by teaching them and providing for them, so that they are empowered to live as he wants them to live - in holiness. That is also the way the church is set up - it is a place where people receive all the training they need to live a holy life, where they know God better, and to for stimulating each other in the faith. are trained in holy living for each area of their lives, to learn about God and Because we brought them into the business, we should make sure that they are receiving excellent training to help them build their business. Even more, they need a place of like-minded people, so that they are motivated, inspired and encouraged in their businesses as well as celebrated and applauded for their achievements.

Doing these things will surely help them make money, but (that's right!), will grow our businesses too. Like the old saying says, "I prosper myself, by helping you prosper". 3. If you genuinely desire to build a prosperous six figure income, using Network Marketing as your vehicle, then faith and patience are necessities for your travel. Many Network Marketers fail in their home based businesses because they can't handle the rejection that comes along with the package. When they don't see immediate results, they hop to another opportunity or quit altogether.

In order to create a prosperous business in Network Marketing, one needs to believe in the process and scatter lots of patience on it as it springs up and grows. So what does all this have to do with Network Marketing and spirituality? First, serving others and truly helping them is what the Christian Faith is all about. It's not about taking advantage of others so that I can prosper. It's true, we are working in Network Marketing to make money for ourselves, but our attitudes and spirits have to be right. It's more like servanthood marketing. If making money is the only reason we are in Network Marketing, then that will show in how we bahave and how we come across to our prospects and downlines.

People know when we truly want to help them be successful. Second, even Jesus required help in making the gospel widely known. He formed a group of twelve men and trained them on all aspects of the faith so that they could go out and find other follwers of Jesus. Because those twelve men took the message to the world, lived as Jesus taught them and taught others how to follow Jesus too, the gospel has spread like a virus and is known throughout the whole world. It's no different with Network Marketing.

Bringing 100 people into our business is not necessary to have a successful business. If we hand pick 5 - 10 people wisely so that we work closely with them, they will teach others the same things, so that our organizations are building momentum and growth. Creating leadership and multiplying that leadership throughout our organizations just as Jesus did with his twelve leaders is what it's all about. Third, Napoleon Hill and Jesus taught a similar principle which is "you could move mountains if you had faith as small as a mustard seed". There are many books written about the importance of thinking positively. If our attitudes are negative, it's going to be impossible to achieve success in Network Marketing.

We achieve great things and are greatly driven when we are in positive mode. We only get a low quality life and only destroy our dreams when we are in negative mode. I could keep on talking about the ways Network Marketing and the Christian faith parallel each other, but I would have to write a book. It boils down to this: Network Marketing is a people business, we can't do it alone. Creating relationships that will last for the long haul, conducting our businesses in a way that honors and uplifts others and putting others first is what it's all about.

It's about offering the best of ourselves others and developing every area of our lives. Acquiring a positive mental attitude, staying focused, dedicated and committed and getting the right training will help us attain the outcome we are looking to achieve in our Network Marketing businesses. There's no limit to what can be done.

There are always higher levels to achieve.

Lydia De Leon is a stay at home internet marketing mom. Find out what she does to build her business online using free and low cost methods.

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