Staffing Your Telemarketing Venture

While considering how to go about executing your telemarketing requirements, you have the option of hiring your own staff, or getting the job done through outsourcing. Here are a few pointers to help you along. The advantage of outsourcing or getting in a third party is that you have trained staff at your disposal to accomplish your task and get your message spread quickly among many. Doing it yourself entails training and practice, while they have the advantage of having personnel ready.

The outside firm can make far more calls than you would with your in-house staff. You must consider that the outside help that you hire may not be committed and could lack the inner drive to sell, and could be expensive. They also may not be able to get into the technical details of the product, which tends to curtail the scope of conversation that they can conduct and are therefore better for gathering information and details about prospective customers and for "yes" or "no" type of questions. They also could suffer from the lack of contact numbers unless you can provide them as their own contact list could be below par.

The advantage of using an in-house team means that you can train them in a focussed manner with the requisite skills required for your product, thereby empowering them to have meaningful dialogues with potential clientele. It also enables you to have a more focussed list aimed at potential customers as per your requirements. You also have the advantage of eliminating from the list calls that are not expected to prove fruitful. The disadvantage here lies with the small businesses that do not have enough staff and therefore cannot spare anyone on a long-term basis.

The option is to hire college students, housewives and retirees and train them for the project. Here's a training tip if you plan to do this; if you are providing them with a script to follow, train them to sound as if it is a spontaneous dialogue and not a read-out script. That's because when the person on the other end feels that you are reading a script, the response is always equally constrained and can be a turn off, which will definitely reflect in your response rate. Telemarketing has been controversial since its inception for sales and marketing.

The legal troubles and the litigation that it has created has made advertisers a little cautious. It has also caused businesses to look for other avenues to spread their message. Consider this.

Is your business in the right category for telemarketing? This will help you make the right decision. Yes, telemarketing has been successful in the past, but the onslaught of legal filings has made people wary of that route. To avoid this legal web, there are some precautions that can be taken. The law has come to the rescue to a certain extent.

The duration of calls has been restricted, as well as preventing calls to people who do not want to be disturbed by the calls. It is imperative that you select a company that has high standards of operating since the image and reputation of your company is on the line every time a call is made. The quality of the staff and the ensuing conversation could mar or make your image. A customer getting irritated could tarnish your name, while good, polite and meaningful dialogue could win your additional customers.

Telemarketing can be an effective tool for your marketing arm. It can produce results. If you do consider using this then please screen the employees and offer them the right training before the first call is made. The outcome can be very positive.

With these pointers in mind, you could meet any situation confidently and successfully.

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