Stoozing Can Reduce Interest Paid On Credit Cards

Stoozing can reduce interest paid on credit cards. Many credit card companies offer special introductory interest rate offers in an attempt to win customers. This is like a loss leader in a shop - they tempt you to use their credit cards with a low interest rate, and then increase the APR when you owe them money. Stoozers use these special 0% and low interest rate offers to reduce the amount of interest paid over time.

Many credit card customers in the UK have high balances on which they pay high interest rates. Normal interest rates on credit cards are higher than mortgages and loans - it would not be unusual to save thousands of pounds per year by stoozing. A stoozer will take advantage of introductory rates by applying for a credit card with 0% apr and transferring their existing credit card balance to it.

After six or nine months (or whenever the free balance transfer period ends) they will apply for a new credit card and begin the interest free period again. This can continue until the debt is repaid, saving hundreds of pounds in interest. Some people who stooze do not have debts. They put the money into a high interest savings account (such as an ISA) instead. In this way the stoozer will actually earn interest.

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