The Allandale Neighborhood in Austin Texas

Allandale is one of the most relaxing and comfortable communities within the city limits of Austin. The residents take pride in their community, with a very active neighborhood association that strives for community improvement and provides ample opportunities for activities and involvement. Allandale provides for its homeowners and their families a suburban feel within a thriving urban area. History The Allandale community has roots that extend back to the 1930's, but at that time it was considered a suburb and outside the city limits. The area that is now known as Allandale was at one time owned by George W.

Davis, who was given the land in 1841 by the President of the Republic of Texas. The grant of 3,154 acres was given to him for his service to the then-Republic in the battle at San Jacinto. While the family has long since sold the majority of their land holdings; a few descendants of Davis still live within the area. The historic Davis family cemetery can be found on Vine Street. Economy/Jobs As a part of the city of Austin, the community of Allandale has the benefit of the current area growth in the economy and job market. The city has seen steady economic growth, while the rest of the country is in a decline.

Unemployment in the region is at an impressive 3.3 percent, within the month of April 2008. The top industries in the area are services and trade, although some of the major area employers are within the computer technology sector. Austin has many major computer and technology corporations in the area, including IBM, Dell, and AMD. Real Estate Real estate in the neighborhood of Allandale is a bit pricier than some areas in the city of Austin, on average, with a median listing price of around $474,000, as of mid-May 2008. Even with this high median price, affordable homes within the $90,000 price range can sometimes be found.

Existing area homes are mostly older structures, with updated features and renovations. As the area is very community minded, upkeep of the homes is very consistent, keeping property values stable. New homes are being built in the area, as well, though these tend to be a bit higher in price than existing homes. Attractions As Allandale is situated within the City of Austin, residents have access to all of the attractions and amenities of the city. Known for its live music, the nightlife in the city is unsurpassed. The city has wonderful shopping and dining selections, pleasing every taste and palate.

There are outdoor activities, such as botanical gardens and hiking trails, as well as culturally rich museums and festivals throughout the year. The lakes in the area allow those who love water sports and fishing to fully enjoy their leisure time. Even families with small children have plenty of options with a wonderful zoo and city parks to take advantage of.

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