The Role Of Simplicity and Duplicity in Network Marketing

One thing all network marketing experts agree on is that the key to success in any network marketing company, is simplicity. Network marketing is a very straightforward idea. But even this simple task requires hard work and dedication. A common error occurs when people try to make the process more difficult and complicated.

Even if a complex structure works for you, others following it may not achieve the same results. Individual achievement is not your ultimate goal in network marketing; the ultimate goal is to create a structure that delivers success to everyone using the network. So when setting up a new system keep in mind the new and inexperienced members in your network. Every step you take towards developing your organization must be easy to follow and others must be able to duplicate your success.

Do not do tasks that involve special skills or resources accessible to only a few. Keep things simple, build your network quickly and make sure your business is accessible to a large number of individuals who can succeed. Working alone you can only make a few contacts a day and achieve even fewer sales.

But through network marketing others can learn your strategies and duplicate your efforts. When this happens your efforts are doubled. Try to aim for the same superior results every time.

This is superior duplication. People at every level of the network must be able to duplicate the results and pass on the exact strategies to others, so that they can copy the same tasks. The breadth of your sales network depends on how well your methods can be duplicated.

To make sure your process can be copied you must develop a system that each member of your network can pursue and teach to others without difficulty. Duplication is the key to any successful network marketing business. Remember, a simple system always works, unnecessary complications will only make duplication difficult for others. To duplicate successfully, you must follow the strategies without question. Every system has its flaws but instead of bettering the system you should concentrate on practicing your duplication abilities.

People cannot be copied but their strategies can. Franchises such as McDonalds are a great example of duplication. Ray Krocs the founder of McDonalds founded this system, which is easily duplicated throughout the world with 99.9% exactness in 18,000 outlets. Simplicity should be your motto. Make sure your distributors can easily follow and duplicate your steps.

Always ask yourself: Is my strategy duplicable? Can others copy it, with ease? Ask yourself these questions over and over again and if your answer is yes at least of the time, then you are on the right track. Successful network marketers are sure that simplicity is the key in this business. Keeping the tasks simple will ensure growth of your business. Guide others by example, show them how its done. They want to see you succeed and make sure they can follow your network marketing system and achieve the same great results.

The only way to get others to try your strategies is to prove how simple and duplicable they are.

Jeff Burdic is a highly successful Internet Marketer. His concepts and ideas are extremely innovative and most of all, simple and duplicatable. To find out more, and how to apply these simple techniques visit:

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