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Real estate is big business and many people, hoping to make an income in their spare time, think about taking a free investing course. There are now a few of these on the internet, some of them in the form of an ebook and others in the form of a series of articles and tutorials. One of the things that spurs people into real estate is the recognition that having property with tenants means a lot of income in rent. If you take a free RE investment course, it will tell you that buying property, whatever its condition can provide you with an income. You buy it, you fix it up and then you rent it out to tenants.

Sometimes tenants are particular about where they live. Just as it is hard to sell property in unpopular and rundown areas, so it is hard to rent in them. People like to live in a nice neighborhood. Bear that in mind before you invest in land or property. If you want to start making your first million, remember the following: You can earn an income Don`t expect to get rich overnight There will be some initial outlay Make sure your credit is good otherwise you could be denied a mortgage Be prepared to work hard Make real estate your primary business interest Take notice of location Rent coming in every month can save you when you are having a bad patch. Your monthly mortgage repayments will then come from the buildings themselves.

A free real estate course will point out these kinds of benefits. Owning property and having tenants is one of the best ways of making money and it has some unique tax advantages. Just remember that you need property in a good location. When you are taking a free real estate course you will find out that location is key.

A central piece of advice is, don`t be blinded by a bargain it`s no bargain if it`s not in a good location. This can be the making or breaking of you in the real estate business. If you buy a property in a good location, even if it is shabby, it will rent and stay rented a better property in a poor location could remain empty for weeks or even months. Copy the supermarket giants, their major business strategy is to give the customer what they want.

The same applies in real estate. What the customer or tenant wants, is location. So give it to them and make money. What the supermarkets know is that the customer is king.

Taking a free real estate course will present you with the same argument. Nobody ever made money without giving the customer what he or she wants. People will not spend their hard earned money if they don`t like a supermarket`s stock and they won`t rent a place if it`s not in a good location. This is one of the single biggest secrets of making money in real estate.

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